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Spend Smart, market smarter with us and our cats.

We specialize in multi-cultural social media marketing, with the goal of breaking cultural differences of brands and widen outreach to the local Chinese demographic.
We have provided an array of services to hundreds of enterprises touching on dozens of fields, including some of the top international names in the industry.

Forward Marketing

Our Philosophy


We keep pace with market trends, using data-driven insights to devise and implement cutting-edge strategies that differentiate us and our clients in the marketplace.

Passion & Creative

As a collective of creative minds, our passion for marketing is what sets us apart. We approach each campaign with a fresh perspective, producing inventive solutions that engage audiences, tell compelling stories, and inspire brand loyalty.


We excel at cost-effective marketing. Balancing budget and goals, we ensure maximum ROI, delivering impactful strategies that drive client growth and profitability.

Facts Of Us

Our entire team is made up of cat lovers.
We appreciate and learn from the cats’ keen perception of their environment, their ability to think independently, and their curiosity about the world. This helps us continually grow in our marketing efforts, allowing us to better serve our clients.

Rayna L

Co-Founder & CEO

Former head of the overseas marketing department for a study-abroad company, with 6+ years of cross-cultural marketing experience and the strategist behind 100+ marketing campaigns.


Mango L

Account Manager

Boasts more than 4 years of experience managing marketing campaigns in North America, familiar with business models across various industries, and adept at quickly understanding client needs.


Cassie Z

Project Manager

Formerly worked in the marketing department of a major internet company, with over 3 years of experience in social media strategy, specializing in content marketing.

Ivy H

Marketing Manager

Has led numerous influencer storefronts, possessing unique marketing insights and techniques in the consumer and dining sectors, and excels in efficiently managing campaigns.

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